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Luis Mario aka LMOR-DJ

Florida, United States

For Bookings Call the Florida office 954-295-5919
Luis Mario is the Founder of The Legends of Vinyl™ LLC Organization and The Legends of Vinyl Music Hall of Fame™ New York, New York.
Legends of Vinyl are a national institution providing global leadership in education, recognition and celebration of excellence in the art of creative spinning of record vinyl. To this day, these Pioneer Legendary DJ's are still actively performing for large audiences and representing a very small and unique community of DJ's that are from that innovative era. They are the originators, the springboards, of the art of spinning record vinyl that has laid the foundation and has paved the way for the latest and currently changing dance music avenues of today. And to add to all of this, no two Legendary DJ's from the Legends of Vinyl are alike with their innovative and creative spinning talents.