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Lucy in Blu

Paris, France

Singer, songwriter, ex bass player and DJ, Lucy in Blu likes to touch everything, to discover new horizons and new sounds, for mixing and sharing them.
Her record library goes from classical music to black metal passing through jazz, electro, industrial, or trip-hop.
Initiated in October 2010 by Kristof Cole, who allowed her to make her first steps as DJ during a Dark Side Inda House event - which she's the web & graphic designer since May 2010. Miss Lucy offers various sets, mixing sounds Electro-Rock, Girly, House, Trance, Techno and Dark... Since then, she shares her universe between DSIH events and many event for organizers - PME (Panorama of Electronic Music), WLR (We Love Remix) and Just A Trip - as guest.
Since 2011, Dark Side Inda House team also organizes Dark After Midnight at Cantada II (rock, punk, psycho, coldwave, rockab', new wave) and Real Cacophony - From Rock to Electro evenings.
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