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Lights Out Listening Group

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Lights Out Listening Group is a unique listening event that takes place in almost complete darkness. We have been running regular events in Glasgow since 2011.

Through this bi-monthly event we hope to form a community of sound makers – putting people in touch so that they can get advice, support and feedback on their work and possibly find new audiences and new people to work with. It is an opportunity for contributors to test their audio creations out on a small audience of like-minded individuals who share a love of radio and the sonic arts. As well as recorded media we also wish to give a platform to live spoken word performances. This group is open to anybody working with sound at all stages of their career including students, professionals and amateurs.

Each listening event is made up of a programme of sound and radio works submitted to us in advance. A short printed programme including a synopsis of each work and a short biog of the producer is handed out on the night.