MatPrice (CH) aka Lexx (SL)

Zürich, Switzerland

Some call him Lexx other know him as Mat Price - all know his style of putting together dance grooves from house, deep, soulful, funk, soul and tech to something called lexxified house or the lexxelent experience (thanks Wurfi).

For him it's all about house music - playing what you need - not what you want!

DEEP, Soulful and everything my heart, head and feet agree on...

Started 1983 as vinyl DJ, toured with Silverspoon, Hurricane, Travelling Sound and weekly radioshows at RadioOne and RTGplus. Experimenting with digital djing, remixing and producing since 2000.

Since late 2012 back at the live decks as DJ Mat Price mainly in locations in and around Zürich Switzerland and online radio stations.
Founded 2014 "Dunschtig Afterworks" at NEO Zürich - playing weekly sets with Jamie Lewis (Purple Music). / /