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Paris, France

DJ FREDDY (Politics Of Dancing recordings, Maxximum Radio)
Very popular in France, Dj Freddy is one of the respected DJ/Producer of the French electronic scene. Known first as the head resident of the famous « Scream » Parties held in Elysées Montmartre location, he produces a series of 6 compilations under the same name distributed by Universal, exported and sold in whole Europe.
Enriched by these experience, Freddy, as « Raff’n’Freddy », releases two hits « Listen » and « Deep progress » compiled by Sasha (Global Underground) & John Digweed (Bedrock) and saluted by Danny Tenaglia.
dont notamment son titre « Emergency Delivery » , compilé sur Hot Creations en 2016.Ce titre est licencié sur le label Politics of dancing remixé par Archie Hamilton.
Classified under the 10 best international DJs by the French music press, he is known for his sophisticated tech-house, deep house and techno mixed to sensual and sexy sounds, making together a unique and ageless style.
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