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Lazy Flow

Paris, France

For French producer and DJ Lazy Flow, dancing is not a trivial matter. It is a demanding art, which sows beautiful madness in the genre, connects all styles of dance-floor history, and is a one-way flight to a future that perfectly reflects what is becoming of his generation.

With residency at one of the most feverish night time hotspots in all of Paris, LA CREOLE, his DJ sets are celebrations, collective catharsis, led by dancers who follow him everywhere and push their bodies to the limit to do justice to his music. A set by Lazy Flow is utterly electrifying, familiar, easy to follow, and wonderfully confusing.

His productions, little grails that DJ's trade with each other to enlighten the dancefloor, are not to be outdone. His edits are incredibly modern deconstructions, and his compositions never let go, like the pieces produced with/for Vladimir Cauchemar, Pongo, Gala, Kiddy Smile, Miss Keta, Disiz,… All the feelings are merged, and the dance must never stop.