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Kirill Guk

Odessa, Ukraine

Kirill Guk a.k.a. Following Light hails from Odessa (Ukraine). From an early age he showed an interest in art. He really enjoyed painting. He entered and then successfully graduated from the Faculty of painting of Art School. After graduation, Following Light started to experiment with electronic music. Following Light owns Inmost Records (Proton). Following Light’s music productions are often supported and played by such stars as:Hernan Cattaneo,Max Graham, Roger Shah, Solid Stone,Mike Saint-Jules , Gai Barone , Tim Penner ,Fady Ferraye,Basil O'Glue , PHW, Danny Lloyd, Airwave ,Praveen Achary,Dale Middelton , LoQuai, Magnetic Brothers,Ryan Sullivan, Ruben de Ronde and many more. Following Light's sound is mostly an atmospheric progressive house with elements of melodic techno, which always has its own contrast. With the support of DJs from different parts of the world, he's released music on 70+ labels including Particles, Stellar Fountain, Visceral,OLD SQL Recordings, Magic Room, Bal