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DJ Kam

London, United Kingdom

IT guru and business owner by day, Music connoisseur by night! Follow and join me on my journey to mix the best tunes regardless of generation or genre!

Kam or commonly known as DJ Kam offers extraordinary disc jockey services with great high energy interaction. DJ Kam’s unmatchable experience and talent as a master of ceremony (MC) and Disc jockey extends from 2007 and covers a vast list of events. He has performed at many upscale venues, whilst investing in professional training to further improve on his already unparrelled skill set, soon to be one of a few DJ’s with an Elite accreditation from the London Sound Academy. DJ Kam’s passion for entertaining started out at a very young age and created him into a sensation. Listeners are sure to be entertained with DJ Kam’s smooth transitions from song to song, as well as his exceptional MC voice. Not only does he rock the dance floor, but he also keeps the audiences tuned in during ambient cocktail hours before gettin the party started!