John McMullan

United States

I was the founding member, songwriter for, and co-producer of The Trend. We were active from 1979 through the mid '80's; Other stuff? Wrote, produced, and performed U.S. Pizza Company Jingle, and some radio ID's in 1988. Recorded as solo act for Del-Fi, Big Deal, Not Lame, Kicktone, and Futureman Records. Co-produced recordings with Don Smith, Mike Lawler, and Lewis Martinee in Memphis, Nashville, and Miami, respectively. I am currently practicing law; hosting Alt Universe Top 40, which is aired on the Shortwave band each week in Europe on Channel 292 (6.070 MHZ and 9.670 MHz) and on WRMI (9.455 MHz and 9.395 MHz) in North America; and diligently remixing and mastering a large number of my synthesizer-based compositions and solo recordings from the '80's and '90's.

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John McMullan

Hey friends and listeners! My name is John McMullan. I am the host of ALT UNIVERSE TOP 40, the Shortwave Radio Show broadcast in mono each week by Channel 292, Rohrbach, Germany and WRMI, Radio Miami International. After each broadcast, I upload a stereo mix of the show, completely static-free! When airchecks of the show are available, reasonably audible, and longer than 23 minutes, I post those as well. As a lawyer, musician, writer, and radio host, I am ALL in favor of maximum royalties being paid to music creators! Subscribing increases those royalties!

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