Tao Ecstatic Dance

Madrid, Spain

ᒍOᔕE TᗩO ☯⃝ (Jose Rodriguez )
Energetic Facilitator Dj Ecstatic Dance

"Peaceful Warrior."
Dedicated to health, art and a conscious life.

With more than twenty-five years of experience as a teacher of body techniques and natural therapies.

Teacher of Martial & Taoist arts, Chi Kung Yoga Tao, contemporary & African Dance.

As a holistic therapist he studies Chinese medicine, Cranio-Sacral osteopathy therapy, massage, method and therapeutic movement techniques.

Studying sound therapy, vibration and music as methods to heal and balance ourselves.

DJ Facilitator of Ecstatic Dance from 2015 and conscious dance sessions. Therapeutic dance.

Creates the TAO ☯ DANCE system
舞 道 "Dance 5 Elements "

Ecstatic dance lover and a conscious global community. Peace and love.



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