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Joanna Tomczak

Poznan, Poland

A voracious appetite for the newest and freshest underground electronic dance music around and an
undying drive to develop and nurture her very own, trademark sound are the words that best describe Joanna Tomczak as a DJ.
A devotee of melodic beautiful harmonies. Hypnotic, deep, techy and housey sounds dominate her
sets, but she will flash a brief and slightl irreverent smile when she changes tempo; if only to remind you why you are out partying. Joana plans her mixes four or five steps ahead like a seasoned
chess player leaving the partygoers thirsting for more. Her sets are like a collection of short stories ; )
that are compelling in their own right and perhaps appear even disjointed from one to another. But
as a sum of their parts they are best appreciated at a higher level after one has heard the entire story.
Her serious and calm demeanor at the decks provides insight to her personality; controlled, calm
and cool...