jazz re:freshed

London, United Kingdom

Borne out of oppression, revolution, and a need to express the black experience, Jazz has always been the most progressive boundary-pushing and relevant black music artform, cutting paths for all popular music forms.

Jazz refreshed as a music movement, has always challenged the elitism and prejudice within the jazz community that has kept jazz on the sidelines and brought the incredibly diverse creative world that is jazz, to the people.

From dance-oriented to jazz to various cultural interpretations eg. Latin jazz, Japanese jazz, Afro jazz, Hip hop Jazz etc. – all expressions of jazz music are represented.


DOPE JAZZ RADIO Track Submissions - Please email your music (Mp3 or Links to Wav's) for us to consider on the show to dopejazzradio@jazzrefreshed.com (please include a bio or press release)

We listen to everything and if we love it we will play it. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to respond to all submissions.

jazz re:freshed


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