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Jay Fenster

Las Vegas, Nv, United States

Embrace everything. The positive, the negative and especially the absurd.

I love tacos, house music, offensive humor, liberal politics, Las Vegas, insanely spicy food, Xbox, TiVo, SiriusXM & my cat. Not necessarily in that order.

I've gone from ENFP to ENTJ over the past five years. I guess this is growing up.

Words that describe me: fearless, cynical, stylish, analytical, adventurous, eloquent, irreverent, hilarious, obscene, moody, vocabulicious, compassionate, outspoken, fiery, overworked, intelligent, capable, witty, empathic, metrosexual, risk-taker, informed, juvenile, acutely self-aware, engaged, blunt, creative, trend-setting, jaded.

I don't believe in any of that astrological crap, but I'm told that I'm a textbook Capricorn. Take that for what you will.