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Javion C Harris

United States

DJ FLUFF 313 is a cornerstone in the Electronic and Ghetto Tech industry. He is a highly sought after DJ, producer, and one of Detroit's most creative artist. He stands out as a entrepreneur with years of music experience under his belt, DJ Fluff 313 uses his techniques to remold and compose production from the Top 40 to the gritty scene of Ghetto Tech. You may know him as the official DJ for SLAPER CAMP, soundproof Records, and Deep sessions, or A number of mix tapes you may have seen his show on Youtube dj fluff 313 and his dynamic personality and quick wit keep fans coming back for more and tunein in each performance, The show are posted on sites around the world.
FLUFF grew up in Detroit, and has been immersed in the ghetto tech scene at a young age. He starting loving House music at age 11 DJing and producing Funk, Soul, Hip hop, and Ghetto Tech, at 15 and spinning Underground Techno at 19. Djing in the Underground scene , he also has crazy beats and producing all over world.

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