Atlanta, United States

Ishikawa is Angad Kapoor from Mumbai, India. Most interested in music for the twilight hours featuring music from the likes of Timecode Records and MMD Records - his sets can often cover euphoric morning sounds as well.
Based in Atlanta USA - his mixes have been regularly featured on a number of radio streams. In 2010 he joins Phonix Records ( with the intent of promoting upcoming artists and above all - pushing nothing but good music. Since then he has gone to play at a number of parties such as Sacred Seed, USA and Altered Forest, Canada. In 2011, he joins the legendary Mechanik Records and continued forward with his mission of promoting nothing but the very best in night time full on psychedelic trance music. In 2017, he leaves Mechanik Records and joined Kaos Krew Records.
Today he is label manager for Phonix Records and Label DJ for Kaos Krew Records. In 2020, he created a new DJ alias -Saturate- focused on melodic house music. Watch this space for more!