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Currently In Prague, Czech Republic

Under differ monikers like MiCRob,Nema Tvar and the most often iob;Marek bring up his passion for music-grow on classics by Chemical Brothers,Moby,Prodigy,Fatboy Slim,Faithless...Later discovered early drum'n'bass and energy of freetechno,tribal vibes(and although also listening to downtempo/nu-jazz.)

As time goes by,I fell in love with roots reggae and especially dub,than back on the beginning of own music circle-like a fabulous Ouroboros eating his tail-focused on contemporary electronic music world such a minimal/techno from germany or french new-rave,more interested in experimental sounds like IDM,atmospheric dubstep...

And now,like I always did,playing eclectic sets with mixture of these influences-sound chameleon,digging the"ground under"clubs with bass,garage house and also let you touch the sky with warm melodies at once;always trying to stand a bit aside from the current scene,forms his own musical taste with an open mind,eyes,ears and heart.Drowning in the sea of music.