Too Close to the Sun

Too Close to the Sun

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Too Close to the Sun
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Gray Ayer

On June 11th my friend was Nolus was found dead underneath near the Book Cliffs of Colorado. His hand was on his heart and he was looking up into the sky. He had gone out by himself on his dirt bike, a fool hearty and risky activity, but one which made him feel alive and which he pursued in spite of his near death experiences with the same high intensity sports. I'm pissed at him for not taking the proper precautions, but the man pursued his passions.

I have no doubt that sensitive and hippie man would hated the music in this mix, but he would love me for loving it.


Playing tracks by DC Breaks, Tantrum Desire, Bangladesh, TC, Hashtag and more.


Shannon Merrill

I love the track, bless your sweet friend, and thanks for shinin' mista-YOU ROCK!!!