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Ginjah Vibes

Califrornia - Tel Aviv, United States

Marina Kushnir travels the globe on a quest for the most soulful tunes and ecstatic beats, casting her spell on dance floors everywhere she goes.

The redhead co-founder of the Universal Unicorn label headlines festivals in Israel while touring Europe, Asia and the US - and knows how to take a party from Shamanic world music to dirty bass without flinching an eye.

Music Curator: Mystical Trap ~ Ritual Bass ~ World Fusion ~ Global Bass ~ Glitch PsyBass ~ DownTemple & Ecstatic beats.

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Welcome to the Ginjah (Temple in Japanese) Vibes.
We are more than just billions of atoms
We are all vibrations
We are all sounds
Everything in the universe
Is a sound
One's thoughts
One's intentions
Are sounds
Our love
Our fears
Are sounds
Our Hopes
Our Dreams
Are sounds
Inaudible sounds

Much Gratitude for tuning in ♥
Spread the Love Its Free and Infinite.