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Dover, United States

Veteran internet radio DJ with a major love for music from the 50's through the 80's. I run two licensed stations called The Retro Attic(50's through 70's) and Awfully Awesome Eighties(80's and early 90's). Please visit them at and I program the classic hits, but my main specialties are lost hits, minor charters, and non-charters. If you're tired of the same old mix of hits, then you will want to check out these stations and my upcoming high-quality 1 hour special shows on Mixcloud such as "Gil's Gilty Pleasures" and "Spandexing The Globe." I also deal with music-related collectibles(especially CDs and vinyl) and will tie that business in with these stations and special shows. Please feel free to show your support by visiting my station webpages; I am usually available for a cool chat about our favorite rarities!