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Giacomo Maniaci

Palermo, Italy

Giacomo Maniaci is a sicilian dj professional, producer and remixer with a big and innate passion for the music. Since child he shows a natural fondness for the drums and the percussions. Aheader, to the 14 year age, it starts being present behind the consolle in the parties between friends.
He spends the afternoons on record player to mix, to do the boxes forthe friendsthen, flat pian, starts bein...g called to ring in the premises of his zone and quite a lot of itinerant parties.
Giacomo is been able to change a hobby in work today. From further on 10 years he rings in the clubs, works in radio it, is responsible for productions it, it collaborates with magazines, web sites, tv, web radio and several others djs and labels in all the world.
Are between his job in radio divided (PRIMARADIO - dj set clubs moles more 'in' of the western Sicily.