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for a better tomorrow

Frankfurt, Germany

The two hosts of ‘for a better tomorrow’ Alexander and Sebastian love records and decided to play strictly vinyl. The show represents the results of their obsessive crate digging activities, like paying regular visits to shops and hunting trips on flea markets.
Their monthly programme, broadcasting live every 3rd Friday from 12 PM CET, is mainly focused on electronic music and exploring the vast variety of related types and styles.The wide musical spectrum of ‘for a better tomorrow’ is reaching from soul, funk, jazz, afrobeat to krautrock, soundtracks and many others.

"We like to play all the things that somehow inspire us and we try to cover a range of interesting and exciting records of the diverse styles and decades."

In addition to music, 'for a better tomorrow' also provides informations and talk about the individual chosen pieces, every now and then with guest appearances on the microphone.

for your visual pleasure: