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Berlin, Germany

eli started DJing in 1995 and was checkin´ records for 10 years at OYE Records,
Berlin. being a resident at Berlin´s Afroparty´s such as VULKANDANCE, running by
famous NOMAD or TROPICAL TIMEWARP created by The Soulvendor, she ended up
playing primetime at FUSION Festival & different party’s all over europe.
At the moment she takes care of the Analog Africa's vintage collection.

31.08.22 HdKW, bln
14.07.22 Kultursommerfestival w/ Mulatu Astatke, bln
14.03.20 Akelarre festival, La Palma
28.02.20 badehaus, bln
22.02.20 lakino berlinale, bln
15.02.20 arcaoda, bln
23.01.20 private agency gig, bln
08.10.19 gretchen, bln
07.10.19 cashmere radio, arkaoda, bln
01.10.19 radio torhaus, bln
05.09.19 gretchen, bln
26.07.19 gretchen, bln
21.07.19 festsaal kreuzberg, bln
29.06.19 suicide circus,bln
4.- 16.06.19 krakow, pl
30.05.19 mensch meier, bln
26.04.19 das hotel, bln
04.04.19 Fela Kuti vs Carharrt vs Jaw Family, zwei dreiraum,bln
31.03.19 yaam, bln