Electronic Groove

Miami, United States

The years of the early 2000s for dance music in America were at a tipping point. With the raves of years prior under the belt of global lawmakers, it was time for the underground to take it's rightful place. Many who had been forever affected by the music from the opposite side of the events were faced with the unique dilemma of how to push the scene forward without compromising quality.

This, coupled with technology moving rapidly and becoming more affordable, provided a launching point for local scenes to bubble up at the hands of forward thinkers. It was then, after years of sonic discovery, shared experiences and collective appreciation, a handful of electronic music enthusiasts in south Florida embarked on uncovering a way to share quality mixes to a global audience.

A trailblazer when it came to fully adopting the ideology of presenting weekly content via iTunes, EG’s impact can be seen in their perpetual appearance in the Top 20 Music Podcasts.