DJ Ivo

Alkmaar, Netherlands

With over three decades of experience behind the decks, this masterful DJ has been a staple of the party scene since the 1990s. Hailing from the Netherlands, Ivo's passion for electronic music is evident in every mix he creates. He's been a resident DJ for DutchDelite music for many years, bringing his unique blend of driving beats and atmospheric soundscapes to crowds all over the country.

While Ivo made a name for himself in the techno scene, he's no stranger to the world of drum & bass. In fact, he's been exploring this genre with vinyl since 2010, and his sets have been blowing audiences away ever since. From the deepest, darkest basslines to the most intricate and complex rhythms, Ivo's drum & bass mixes are not to be missed. Catch him live on Mixcloud every Saturday night CET, as he takes you on a journey through the cutting edge of electronic music.