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Milan, Italy

DJ Draeke is the founder of DAT Records, DAT Universe, and Unreleased Goa Records and a specialist in the highest caliber of Goa and Psychedelic electronic dance music.

He started performing at parties in 1997, mostly in Italy where he played House, Dance, and Progressive Trance music. He started mixing Goa Trance, Techno, and Ambient in 1999, when he started getting booked more regularly and played at different venues in Italy and in the UK, Uruguay (where he lived for a year), and Belgium. During the 2009-2019 period, he played at a large number of parties and festivals in Belgium, Israel, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Romania, Serbia, and Macedonia. After the pandemic, he restarted performing at events, notably with gigs in Israel and India.

As a label owner and longtime collector of rare and exclusive tracks from the DAT era of the 90s, Draeke has a phenomenal archive of mind-bending music from the heyday of the Goa scene.