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Max Doblhoff aka MDgroove

Vienna, Austria

Max Doblhoff is an allrounder. In 1992, more then 20 years ago, Max discovered his love for DJing. The vinyl collection grew quickly and now includes classics and rarities beyond genres - from house, funk, soul, afro, latin and acid jazz to breakbeats and downtempo groove.

Eager to share his favorite records with his friends Max started promoting his own parties in the late 90s in Vienna. Since then he never failed to impress his party people, infusing his sets with warm beats, different world music rhythms and seductive grooves as he blends his favourite tunes from a cross section of electronic and non-electronic genres past and present. Max definitely loves to rock the prime time dancefloor with his pumping beats.

He will make you feel the groove - over and over again :-)
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