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Rochester, New York, United States

I've been a trance and progressive music listener for the past 12 years or so, and started DJing, mixing, & editing music around 2006.

...Currently running a podcast on iTunes called The Trance Journey Podcast. have DJed at a handful of on-campus events at Rochester Institute of Technology & a couple gigs in downtown Rochester, NY, and recently have created some original productions.

--> iTunes Podcast: I run a monthly/bimonthly iTunes podcast, playing the latest and best in trance and progressive music. I record voice narration for each episode. I have also collaborated with guest DJs to showcase talent in EDM DJing on the show.

--> Production work: I have been working on original productions for the last couple years. I've also created a handful of mashups of trance and progressive tracks. Some of the productions I've created have been promoted on other podcasts & radio shows.