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dj k-note

Sydney, Australia

*K-Note is an accomplished DJ/hype-man/Producer also a SHURE endorsee (artist/DJ)and is G-Star Brand ambassador. His DJ skills have brought him through (Native) Toronto Canada, New York, Jamaica, Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia. K-Note recently Broke the mold in Las Vegas at the LAVO LOUNGE (TAO) located in the VENITIAN hotel, DJing a set going beyond regular operating hours, a 7hr guest set. Since then K-Note has become a Global Resident for Tao Group. K-Note is considered as the hands down #1 Open format DJ in Australia/Asia and considered amongst the top 10 in the world for open format DJing. What is the style of K-Note one can never really pin him to just one genre, playing a mixed montage of musical genres – shake-end but not stirred with RnB, Hip-Hop, Funk, Electro, Old Skool, House, Pop, Reggae Vibes served with a smile and still able to emcee while he’s DJing K-Note is able to embody the party and give the crowd a fantastic Voyage to the sound of music.