Chicago, Il, United States

Success hit big, when DJ-I.c.Dre’ was recruited to tour for Hip-Hop Super Star TWISTA. “I entered a Dj Battle in Chicago and won". From there, TWISTA offered me the opportunity to dj and produce him. I did this five years straight which took me around the world. Everybody can tell you, you’re good, when you’re from the same hometown. But, when people from around the country and internationally acknowledge your talent, that’s when I realized I really had something.”

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You're now tuned into TABLEFUNK MUZIK and my name is Dj-I.c.Dre'. I’m from U.S.A. and I love all types of music from old & new (hip hop, r&b, reggae, afro beats, funk & soul, house) and much more. In my weekly show on Mixcloud, I will play a variety of style for your listening pleasure and I hope to create a vibe like you've never experienced before. If you subscribe today, I'll feel very humbled and honored for your support. Plus, you’ll be able to listen offline as well. Thanks for your support in advance.

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