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Portland Oregon, United States

◉ djcruMbs was born in 1974 . ◉ At age 15, he got his first taste of vinyl. ◉ Since then, he has played for the masses in places like Portland | Seattle | SF | LA | Colorado | Hawaii | Mexico City & Florida ◉ djcruMbs first attempt producing was in 1998, a song for a friend made using a music game for the playstation, and a new world began! ◉ Nick-Named "djcruMbs" in 2001 while living in SF, California and has been his signature ever since . ◉ djcruMbs produced 4 remixes for Siahban Fahey of Bannanrama, A new original track called "Stars At Night" was featured in a live mix by Kissy Sellout on the BBC, ◉ djcruMbs currently has 4 Depeche Mode remixes on a 4 disc compilation Remix album released all over the UK, and a remix produced with renown jazz great Jonny Holiday!