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Dj Cosmic Cowboy

Engelfangen, Germany

Cosmic Cowboy is Saarland's (an area in the southwest of Germany) veteran of psytrance, born exactly 20 years after A. Hofmanns first psychedelic experience and grown up with the Sgt. Pepper-Album by the Beatles. Since his youth he is passionate about psychedelic music of the American West Coast, especially the Grateful Dead. (Of course he is still a Deadhead.) This is proven by his enormous music collection which he started in his teens. In 1996 he was infected by the GOA-Virus and gained first experiences behind the turn tables of the legendary nightclub U.N.T.N. in Saarbruecken and numerous Nada-Brahma-Parties in Mainz and surroundings. Hundreds of gigs followed, within Germany and around europe. The call of black gold (nowadays silver), brought him to Bulgaria (Tangra_Festival 2011, 2012, 2013), Turkey (Tree of life, Psy-files, Pakawala Festival, Shanti Mind...), Austria, Amsterdam (Solstice Festival, 2006 & 2012), Shefield, UK, Istanbul, Brussels...