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Amman, Jordan

My name is Ammar Ismail, I was born in Jordan, but I live in Cyprus and producing mashups and music in Tech House, Dance House, Underground House genres under name Ammaroff.

Along of producing, I'm professional DJ with creative ideas of mixing which makes me different from others DJs. My sets consist of own live mashups and vision of music, active behavior and visual mixing technics and effects.

I started my own Youtube channel with short live mashup videos and House Addicted sessions where I'm sharing my feeling of music.

17th of June I released my first own really strong and groovy track "See u dance". It has enthralled immersive Tech House vibe and smashing beat. My task was to write a track that would be suitable for different types of audiences, as underground parties, clubs and bars, radio stations, beach and pool parties, easy and attractive beat for mixing with famous songs and remixes.