Dj Mini

Montreal, Canada

Evelyne Drouin is the un-categorizable artist, who's style and approach to sound have earned her an international reputation under the brand of DJ Mini. With an extensive knowledge of music crafting and media arts, and having dabbled in circuit bending and advanced audio technology, Evelyne sculpts textural sonic environments, soundscapes and hybrids, installations that actively respond to the participant.

Although she specializes in sound design, the artist's unconventional approach to art has earned her a reputation as an innovator and contemporary influencer in all spheres of the audio and visual arts.

Evelyne's body of work spans beyond the world of music to art direction, development, multi-media work, fashion shows and choreography. Her numerous accomplishments include: Releasing two full length albums including Audio Hygiene in 2006 and Espace Temps in 2012, in addition to numerous remixes, dj mixes, dj performances and live musical performances .

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