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Digital in Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Digital in Berlin is an online magazine, events promoter and network for music lovers, adventures and individualists. New and contemporary music and particular locations – away from mainstream, pop-culture and the conventional society we report on the most breathtaking metropolis in Europe. Because the destiny of Berlin is a continuous journey with out ever arriving.

D/B organizes unique concerts the goal of which is to present challenging music. Digital in Berlin is not limited by trends, musical styles or other conservative boundaries. An all encompassing platform, D/B sees music as the main issue, never merely as a passing trend. Digital in Berlin is also organizer of the MADEIRADIG Festival on the garden-island of Madeira in Portugal.

The Digital in Berlin Radio and Podcast appear monthly on with a view to bringing different styles and directions in music to a wider audience, and so fostering music that has a formidable and extraordinary approach.


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