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Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom

Music has always been an important part of my life, from a very young age it has been a therapy by allowing it to take me on a journey. I’ve enjoyed many genres of music however Drum and bass was always something that saved my sanity! Out of all the sub genres of DnB I have found the melodic vibes and stunning vocals of liquid drum and bass on point with how I use music as a form of therapy. After years of listening to this stunning sub genre I could not just simply listen to this music anymore I needed to be involved in it and so my journey began into the world of DJing and mixing. I promote events for PAPYRUS- Prevention of young Suicide; as someone that has been at that point in life many times but liquid DnB has helped me through, and living with lifelong mental illness and showing people the opposite end of the spectrum of Drum and Bass, it has shown me the light. To me Life really Is Liquid!