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Davide Sagliocca AKA DJSaglioc

London, United Kingdom

Born in Rome in 1964, Davide worked as a radio DJ from 1979 to 1995 for most of the major broadcasting stations in Tuscany - Radio Firenze 2000, Radio Zero, Fantasy Radio and Radio One, where he made several interviews with international music stars during the 8 years of uninterrupted service. Since 1982 he also DJed at some historical Florentine clubs. A graduate in Political Science, he moved to Milan where he recently resumed DJing, adding special DJ sets in London and Ibiza to the gigs in the Milan scene. Specializing in Classical Music as well as in 70s/80s black music and funk, he has added old-school hip-hop and jazzy deep house to his repertoire since the 90s.

Classical Music Radio (HQ Audio) at http://www.davideofmimic.com/
Classical Music blogger and reviewer for http://www.meetinginmusic.blogspot.com/