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Datscha Radio

Berlin, Germany

Datscha Radio is a temporary mobile radio station with changing locations and a global garden research project by Gabi Schaffner.
Datscha Radio is based on an ethnographic and documentary approach that uses radio as a medium to gather and share knowledge on a communal yet sound art orientated basis. “The garden” functions as a metaphor and matrix for organic growth, community, and intercultural sharing.
Most recently, we traveled to Altenburg, Thuringia, and broadcast for 4 days from the historic arbor garden - HIstorischer Laubengarten - in Altenburg.
In August 2017 Datscha Radio gathered a curatorial team of five dedicated radio activists and broadcast again from a garden in Berlin-Pankow, with joint support of Colaboradio and Pi Radio Verbund Berlin. Our current focus lies on the future of gardening and its economies as well as on the environmental changes in our flora and fauna.

DR was founded in 2012 in collaboration with net activist Pit Schultz, Verena Kuni and reboot.fm.