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Daryl Parrett

,Brooklyn, Coney Island-New York, United States

listened to Larry Levan Of garage fame, where i used to fall asleep behind the stack of speakers leading to the juice bar after partying all night at" 515" panorama where i worked on Thursdays , coming from
" 515" Waverly Ave - panorama, going to work on Friday and Coming home and getting with the three people i went everywhere with , my day one, Jeff Regular , or my buddies Donald and Butchie , from work to melons straight to the GARAGE on Fri and Sat, I would wake up the next week on Thursday and start all over again!!!! AND THIS WAS EVERY WEEKEND FOR YEARS THOSE WERE THE DAYS,. and John Monaco of Club Panorama where it seems i spent my whole club life, and i still hear Them in my head, I have been Playing music since 1976 at my Alma mater Clearday Productions and i still REP us.. Some of the clubs I have played at are Collibron. Zampoghi. Panorama. Melons. and i have done mobile With Clearday Productions for years!!!.