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Montreal, Canada

Cyre has performed hundreds of nights and events in the last ten years and he knew he wanted to become a DJ at an early age. His first event experience was at NAID'96 (North American International Demoparty) where he had the chance to play out his first vinyl record purchases

I started playing out Drum & Bass in 2000 but was mostly getting booked for UK Hardcore and Freeform the next few years. It went really big in Quebec and I was the first DJ to promote that style. I played alongside DJs such as Scott Brown, Kevin Energy, Sharkey, Uplift, Sc@r, Anabolic Frolic, Sunrize, Virus, Luna-C (*busted!*), Alek Száhala, Twisted Freq and Tyrant.

My music selections are currently inspired by artists such as AC Slater, Udachi, Fake Blood, Trouble & Bass Recordings and Turbo Recordings. I look forward pushing the new sub-genres that developed from the Hardcore era. Being in Montreal is really inspiring for me.