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Cushion Collective

London, United Kingdom

Cushion Collective were the longest-running resident cabaret and performance art collective at the Roundhouse, and had a sextet set of shows bringing their variety to Roundhouse Radio, now known as Transmission Roundhouse, called Cushion Cabaradio!

Hosted by Sam Reynolds and joined by his Cushion comrades Scarlett Lassoff, Jasmine Shigemura Lee (All That Jazz!), Fauve Alice, Hannah Davis, Polly Beck, Felix Huxtable, Sophie Wakefield, Chris and the Celeriac, and Billy Hicks, with jingles from the gang by Oberon White!

Featuring chat along with comedy, live music, spoken word, and more, plus the Cabaradio faves Made in Chelsea Live Art and the Live Art Burn Book, and a variety of tracks too, Cushion Cabaradio was included in the fifteen-minute entry with which Roundhouse Radio won Best Grassroots Production at the Radio Production Awards 2015.