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Katsforf, Austria

great electronic live music!
crimic is fishing in the seas of rhythm and sounds - to describe their manifold ideas by means of mantric repetition creating colorful and mesmerizing sound patterns.
crimic draw pictures of their musical preferences, which are inspired by all genres and all times.
Their compositions are mostly performed instrumentally, their songs are recited in: german, austrian-dialect, english.
Their Lyrics are leading to a good side of live.
they are open minded - so is their music. With hundreds of own creations they fit in different locations and moods.
They take a lot of time to create unique set lists, every gig is a unique experience, with their sound they paint art like: vernissage, motion-picture, and lyrics.

CRI Derntl
Guitar-Synth, Loops, Vocals

Michi Sigl
create unique rhythms of his self developed and created hardware music machines – which can handle 3/4-11/4 beats
He shape the crimic-sound out of analog distortion, and beat-triggered envelopes.

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