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Paris, France

☀️ Style : Tribal Techno / Future Méditerranée / Worldtronica / Tropical Bass / Remixes..
☀️ Solar Mix :
100 % Solar-powered Dj set, installed and recorded by Dj Click in unusual places in communion with the elements. The music is dedicated to a forest, a mountain, a volcano, old stones.
In the same direction as the "land art" movement, the Solar Mix uses nature as an audience and offers a contemporary vision, mixing architecture, nature, music and photography.
☀️ No Fridge label
The No Fridge label, founded in 2000 in Paris, mixes jazz, world music and electronic influences. The editorial line created by producer Dj Click is intended to be open to the world in all its diversity with artists from all over the world, without distinction of cultural and religious origin.