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Carlos Slazenger

London, United Kingdom

Welcome To The Wunnerful World Of Radio Wrong With The Genre-Crunching Truly Freestyle Outsider Pop Deejay Carlos Slazenger!..This Is The Realm Of The Audio Obstacle Course.
As the name suggests, this concept is intended to be an ever shifting cabinet of curiosities, a genre crunching truly freestyle conduit to any kind of music which I believe to have been missed due to it dwelling on the outskirts of culture. Most of my music is collected from years of searching junk shops, car boot sales and charity shops for forgotten treasures from past eras of popular culture. Types of music featured are : artrock, krautrock, early rockabilly, 50’s & 60’s novelty records, way out exotica, outsider music, 70’s disco, pop punk and a sprinkle of obsolete pop trash... all i really wanna do is SAVE MUSIC FROM ITSELF!!!
Listen in to my show on AUK radio... on random tuesdays. Find and stalk me on facebook...