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Stalker vs Black_Ops

Stalker vs Black_Ops

Playing tracks by

Stalker, Eduard Artemyev , From The Mouth Of The Sun, Chicaloyoh, Kogumaza and more.

A project inspired by the classic 1979 Andrei Tarkovsky film Stalker
featuring dialogue and music from the film together with other pieces
which, to me, reflect or cohabit it's deeply troubled existential nature...



Favorite movie.


Unexpected turns and maneuvers in sound, but a sure way to know that limits are how* you insist on them or obliterate 'em right from the start^^

"Deadly wars" are 2 words that could* end human conflict IF there wasn't so much profit or oppression to be reaped or established, or territory & wealth in the inherited resources usually hidden within the facade of where wars get waged ( the co$t i$ alway$ paid when the front lines get outfitted and armed and body bags get handed out w/ every pair of boots )
A siren's call in all its simplicity; as raw a melancholy as loss could be born from the sadness sung and yet warnings strummed in every verse - powerful !


[ paralyzed in terror AND smiling from ear 2 ear =] 51:08


@ 44:05 - Years back when Thursdays weren't labored on and a "no headphones zone" wasn't yet incorporated I used to catch a late, late program called "The Coffee Express" and while there was a routine or a formula to how the show could vary the assembly and choices fueling it were so outlandish, the topics and samples, the effects and the overlays... if it still happens to get aired or @ least used 2 B aired - it was on our local college radio @ or 89.9 locally; use this for the archive of Friday mornings 1am - 5am :)


Even "the surreal" takes on a life of its own - streets lights @ night that hum and clang and doors loosely locked that bang and slam in the hustling breezes or the simple whinin' of electric wires drooping between the telephone poles long outdated that still anticipate the near silence @ night to only try and compete for how dissonant their dronin' hiss mat appeal to the early morning ears that dare listen that far outside the spectrum...
WoW !


@ 13:37 and knowing NOW in this much better replay, more attentive this time 'round; just why this baby got Bookmarked... nightmarish, dramatic; implosive and yet elegantly horrific for all us late night veterans, lol

"Selections to hike to the electric highways by" is how I'd like to address these unconfining sounds that could run on a replay all night and new layers revealed with every listening - enchanted by these electric incantations ! ! !


Brilliant. been listening to a lot of Eduard Artemyev over the last couple of months. In fact, my next mix will be starting with part of the Stalker ST, unintentionally unrelated to this I might add - just you beat me to it. ;-)


Overwhelming ! LISTEN TO IT NOW !


Man! Great stuff. Time stamp it for us diggers.