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Dayton, Ohio, United States

I am Glad that you are here.
Greetings and Welcome to my podcast.
I was born in God’s own country (Kerala), India and I spent formative years in commerce school and engrossed mastering in theology, Counseling and Psychotherapy and become an internationally qualified Clinical Counseling Trainer and Psychotherapist. I am currently in the final stage of my Doctoral Studies in Ohio, USA.
As a courageous and hardworking leader from the young age worked with International organizations such as 242GC, Atlantic College, Al-Shama Building Materials, MHHM, GFA and OM in Asia, Middle East and North America.
I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am in the business of spreading innovative and empowering ideas for personal growth. I also spent a lot of time in developing training materials for personality develop and personal growth. Pastoring, Research, Chaplaincy, Growth Training, Missionary Training, Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy, Business Development and International Publishing.