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Christine B

Nea Ionia, Greece

With music being the most substantial part of her life, Christine B, has always connected her existence with beats, guitar reefs and banging melodies.
Having spawned her musical experiences to virtually every genre there is, she began studying music in each and every one of its aspects-and she still does. The Athens born and raised artist is a restless individual, keen on improving and perfecting her skills and abilities; she’s a talented DJ, an avid drummer-a craft in which she spent 8 years developing-and a skilled music producer.
Perfectionism runs in her veins, fueling her desire for sheer originality. Her childhood musical background has infused her musical taste with so much diversity and so are her musical heroes, alternating from Faithless to Pearl Jam and from Moby to Alice In Chains.
Christine B is a modest and easy going person in her private life but in her production sessions she is focused, determined and daring. And that’s set of qualities you can hear inside her product