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Vienna, Austria

Inspired by the rhythms of the jamaican reggae music accured the creation of the sound system. Under the influence of other big sounds began the Underground Sound evermore to be varied, powerful and emotional more and more. In the matter of jamaican music culture immersed, the first recordings was done. There was a sound system modeled after the jamaican, with great respect for their musical roots. All projects and Mixtapes are continuously in process. Our website is always up-to-date, for information about news or publications. The Underground Sound System can be find also on facebook- represented under www.facebook.com/austriasblackrootsWith over 40 Mixtapes, over 500 Dubplates and over 10 years in business is UNDERGROUND SOUND one of the No.1 Reggae Soundsystems in Austria.In this sense, we feel the REGGAE, and it’s our will to promote MUSIC in the coming years beyond commerce. TIME WILL TELLIF YOU WANT UNDERGROUNDSOUND TO PLAY ON YOUR EVENT!