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Marcel Da Kinky Koala

Berlin, Germany

Marcel Da Kinky Koala was Born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, so the love for music was naturally in his blood. Relocating to NYC at the age of 8 years old, the multicultural sound of the city seeped into his soul and broadened his appetite for musical diversity. He then stumbled into the underground house scene at a very early age, and the music and atmosphere would capture his heart forever. Later he made his way to Florida, then to the tropical paradise of the Cayman Islands with a few moments of habitation in Canada in-between. Because of his adoration for a wide range of eclectic sounds, his sets are very unpredictable as they can head into random directions at any time, but not in a disjointed way as clever transitions are a priority always. He has compiled an assortment of live sets here for your listening pleasure, please enjoy.