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Nîmes, France

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It was in 1990 that Arnolito discovered Djing. At the age of 13 he started mixing "Euro-Dance".

In 1996, he studied radio communication in Paris. Following this training he met reviewers at radio FG and was to be immersed in the techno field... Finally a sound that interested him !

In 2009, back in the Southeast of France, Arnolito worked alongside Seb Genre (Dj). The latter, with his experience, engaged Arnolito on a variety of mix techniques which soon found success among the DJ community.

2011 meeting with Kamille Louis (Dj/producer/singer) brought about a higher step in this evolution. They work together, creating, producing and mixing at events under the name the SoundWorkers.

To date, Arnolito mixes at large parties and a various institutions in the Southeast, Nîmes, Marseille, Toulouse and Nice.

His style borrows from the Latino sounds. It oscillates between Tech-House, Deep-House and Minimal/Techno.