Raving Dragon

Edmonton, Canada

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my profile. I hail from the city of EDMonton, Alberta, Canada.

For me, mixing music is where I am happiest. All the wonderful sounds, no matter the genre, always excites me. I made a promise to myself that I will upload a mix at least once a week. All mixes are fresh and are finished just before they are uploaded. I will use many different genres for my mixes as I believe it is important to learn how to mix different styles of music so I can get the feel for the music and how it is structured.

I have been producing music since 2004 and have been trained as a classical pianist. Playing the piano has taught me how to write melodies for songs and to get emotion out of those melodies so I can express my emotions in the form of music. Please visit my soundcloud page for original songs and remixes. https://soundcloud.com/raving-dragon

Thank you for listening and reading